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10 Beauty Resolutions To Get You Flawless In 2017!

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The biggest party day of the year is upon us bombshells! Whilst you might be stressing about what makeup to do (we've got so much inspo here btw) it's also time to start thinking about your New Years resolutions because we know you won't be in a fit state come Sunday so start now as you mean to go on ;)

Forget the gym, and cutting out prosecco, here's some beauty resolutions that are so easy to stick to and will have you looking even more flawless than ever!

1. Drink more water

We know this one sounds boring but if there's one thing that is so easy to stick to and that is so good for your skin, it's water! Ask any celeb with gorgeous skin and we bet they say their top secret is drinking water!
You are meant to drink 2 litres a day, we suggest getting a super cute water bottle that will make it so much more fun ;)

2. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

Love a nude lip? Or are you a sucker for a smokey eye? We feel you but why not change it up next year, move out of your comfort zone and perhaps add a colourful lip or shadow to your look. You never know it might surprise you!

Fancy giving the bold lip trend a go but not sure where to start? Fear not, here's a few of our bold lip faves which are so perfect for this time of year! Click the pic to start shopping! 

3. NEVER go to sleep wearing makeup

This also includes the nights you get home at 3am and struggle to see, it must come off! As flawless as your makeup may look, it won't look flawless any longer if it clogs your pores leaving you with an uneven base.

4. Clean your makeup brushes

Guilty! We know you always have good intentions of cleaning your brushes on a regular basis but life can get in the way! However this year, give your skin and your makeup a bit of love by sticking to cleaning your brushes on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Trust us you'll notice the difference in your makeup!

Check out our brush cleaning guide above for our top tips.

5. Do A Clearout 

Just like food, makeup has expiry dates too you know! It might look ok but that doesn't mean it isn't full of bacteria, gross! Check out our guide to find out when you should be throwing which product out right here.

6. Wear SPF

SPF isn't just for when you are tanning yourself on the beach you know! Even in the coldest months you should still be protecting your skin with an SPF. It's also the most effective way of slowing down aging!

We love the Tarte Cosmetics Tarteguard SPF30 which also nourishes, tones and retains moisture in the screen all the while protecting it from harmful rays and aging. 

7.  Wear A BB Cream

Strip it back and give your skin a break from foundation. You don't need to wear foundation every day but you still might want some coverage so a BB cream is a great alternative. They are lightweight, give you a more natural look and best of all they feature so many benefits for your skin that you won't need to wear a separate primer, concealer or SPF as it's an all in one! Woohoo! We love the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream (£27).

8. Massage

Glowing skin doesn't just come from highlighters you know? You can achieve the look for nothing in the comfort of your own home just by giving yourself a face massage. Trust us, your skin will look brand new! Facial massages boost circulation which in turn increases collagen so your skin looks more plump, radiant and glowing. LOVE!

Check out the routine celeb MUA Lisa Eldridge uses to keep her skin looking gorgeous 

9. Perfect A Technique

Book yourself in for a quick makeup lesson at a beauty counter, or even cheaper head over to YouTube and find that technique you've been meaning to perfect for months! Practice makes perfect ;)

10. Get Your Beauty Sleep

It's an actual thing you know! Sleepless nights can seriously mess up your health and the way you look! Try to aim for at least 8 hours a night to ensure you look as flawless as possible!

Do you have a special beauty resolution for 2017? Let us know below!

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