Thursday, 7 April 2016

Match Your Lipstick To Your Louboutins - The Perfect Nude Shades!

Image - Christian Louboutin

It’s the colour that is always in fashion but it’s also one that is so hard to get right! With so many different nude shades available how do you know which one will best suit you?
We’ve come up with a super easy and fun way to find your perfect nude with a little help from everyone’s fave luxury shoe brand Christian Louboutin.

Image - Hwoodbeauty

Louboutin released a Nudes collection in 2013 explaining how nude is “not a colour it’s a concept”, and so the now seven-part range is said to have the perfect nude for a variety of skin tones.

To make your nude lip game that little bit easier we’ve matched each Louboutin Nude to it’s perfect sister nude lipstick. Find your perfect nude now!

Nude 1

Nude 2 

Nude 3 

Nude 4 

Nude 5 

Nude 6

Nude 7 

What is your favourite nude lipstick? Let us know below! If you want more nude lip inspo check out to see how nude lipsticks really look like on real people! Amazing! 

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