Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Blogger Spotlight - Patricia Bright

We’re beginning a new series on the Blusho blog where we shine the light on some of our favourite beauty bloggers. It’s not fair of us to keep them all to ourselves is it?!
Today we’re kicking off the series with one of our fave Brit bloggers, the one and only Patricia Bright. 

There’s nothing we love more than spending an entire Sunday catching up on new videos and recreating tutorials, we aren’t the only ones to do this are we?!
Patricia not only has a fab blog for us to crush over but also her own YouTube channel, BritPopPrincess.

Patricia began her YouTube channel in 2010, can you believe BritPopPrincess has been going for six years?!

She began filming YouTube videos whilst she was studying finance at uni and today she has grown the channel to over 730,000 subscribers!
Some of our fave videos include her GRWM's (Get ready with me), her beauty how-to’s (from baking to brows and strobing, she’s a master at EVERYTHING!) and of course her makeup tutorials and tips are SO on point!

Patricia isn’t the only one to appear in her videos though, she often features other family members including her sister and even husband in her videos along with collabs with some of our other fave bloggers such as Amelia Liana.

Not only does Patricia film some ultra glam videos and hauls but she isn’t afraid to address topics that most would be far too embarrassed to talk about! From bikini waxes to loneliness and embarrassing stories, we don’t think it’s possible to get bored watching her channel!
Along with BritPopPrincess, Patricia also has another channel, BritPopVlogs where you can watch more of her day to day life and exciting trips.

Of course we’re about all things makeup, beauty and glam, which is Patricia all over, but she also features lifestyle and fashion posts to cater for every reader, sharing big moments in her life along the way.

We’ve seen her get married (the actual video is on YouTube here), reveal her must-have products and now we can follow a completely new step in her life as she takes readers on her pregnancy journey as she prepares to become a super hot mum! 

Unlike a lot of bloggers, Patricia’s YouTube channel came first and the blog second but boy was it worth the wait!
The blog is divided into four sections, style, beauty, lifestyle and advice. Of course the beauty posts always get our immediate attention but what’s the point on having flawless makeup if the rest of your game isn’t on point?! Patricia has it all! 

Follow Patricia’s exciting beauty, style and life journey now on all her channels

Instagram – @thepatriciabright
Twitter – @PattyOLovesU

Snapchat - patriciabrightx

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