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10 Eyeliner Hacks To Help You Get Those Lines On Point!

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Eyeliner – We have a love/hate relationship. We love the way it looks; our eyes seriously pop! However, one slight mistake and the whole eye is ruined!
We know you feel our pain, which is why we thought we would share some of our favourite eyeliner hacks so your lines will be always be on point!
Check out these easy guides below, just in time for your weekend glam!


One of the easiest ways to apply liner is by drawing dots/dashes along the lash line as a stencil for where you want your liner to go. Next step, join your dots together for a perfect line.

BeautyBlender Liner Designer 

Image Source - Harpers Bazaar

The amazing guys at BeautyBlender must have felt our pain and so they came up with an amazing tool called the Liner Designer! Simply use the different sides of the tool as a guide when lining your eyes, with three different edges helping to create three different styles.

Scotch Tape 

Ok so you might look a little funny using this trick but it really does work! Simply stick a small strip of scotch tape on the side of your eye where you want your flick to go and draw along the edge. If using gel liner wait until the lines are fully dry before removing the tape.


Instagram - @miaumauve

If you aren’t a liner newbie but still need a little bit of a helping hand, then tracing your lines is an easy way to get your desired look. Draw your liner outline just like MUA @miaumauve and then fill it in.


Image - Pinterest

Maybe you don’t have BeautyBlender’s Liner Designer yet but you need some help NOW! Then grab a spoon. Yes that’s right a spoon! You can use the spoon handle to help create your wing before using the top of the spoon along the lash line. 

DIY Gel Liner 

Image - Harpers Bazaar

Want that gel liner effect but didn’t realise that yours has dried up or run out? Don’t fear there’s an easy way to make your own. Simply heat any eye pencil (be careful!) and you will have your very own gel liner!

Line & Curl

We LOVE this trick! Curl your lashes and line your eyes in just one step! Line the inside of your lash curler with your liner then when you go to curl your lashes you will be left not only with voluptuous curled lashes but also with a perfectly curved line. So clever!

Don’t Tug 

Image - Cosmopolitan

Such a common mistake when lining eyes! Try to avoid tugging on the outside of your eyes, as when you let go of your eye you will be left with a line that is crooked. Draw your liner on when your eye is sat naturally and clean up any mistakes with a cotton bud/q-tip.


For those of you that are scared of eyeliner but still want that lined effect, give tightlining a go. Tightlining involves lining your waterline underneath your lashes, so easy to do and no tricky flicks needed!


You don’t have to use a specific eyeliner to line your eyes, using your favourite eyeshadow gives a similar effect with less hassle. Using an angled brush draw a line of shadow along your lash line for a soft almost smokey effect.

Already a master at liner? Check out for more liner inspo from colourful liner to liner art get creative this weekend! 

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