Tuesday, 29 March 2016

These 8 Beauty Apps Will Change Your Life!

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We are addicted to two things, makeup and our phones! So there’s nothing we love more than when the two of these come together to create some makeup magic! We seriously don't know how we ever lived without some of these apps, with everything from virtual makeup artists to product reviews and inspiration, check out the must-have apps for all you makeup and beauty lovers, you can thank us later ;)

Sephora Virtual Artist 

Beauty haven, Sephora, has created a virtual artist app which does exactly what it says in the title! Want to see what that beauty product looks like on you before you buy it? Download the app, snap a selfie and try that lipstick/eyeshadow you’ve been debating over.

YouCam Makeup 

Ardell lashes have one of the biggest ranges of false lashes we’ve ever seen so how do you know which ones to go for?! Well Ardell have teamed up with app YouCam Makeup to let us mere mortals virtually try on their range of lashes along with over 100 other makeup products! Yay! 

Shade Scout 

Do you ever see a colour that you just wish came in makeup form?! Perhaps your favourite dress or those shoes you saw on that fashion blogger are in the most gorgeous colour you’ve ever seen?! Upload that pic to app Shadescout and they will show you the makeup products available in that exact Pantone shade! Genius!

L’Oreal Makeup Genius 

There was a lot of hype about L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius app when it first came out and that’s because it’s so good! Another virtual makeup app but not just any virtual makeup app! The first makeup app where you can try on L’Oreal’s makeup products in real time, so you can smile, move, even change your expression with the virtual makeup on. Search the L'Oreal database or scan a product in store to try it before you buy! 

Pretty In My Pocket 

Pretty In My Pocket aka Primp was named best beauty app by InStyle Magazine so you know it’s going to be a good one! Simply scan the barcode of a makeup product and get instant reviews of that product to your phone. Like the sound of it? Shop it there and then!


Ok so we know Pinterest isn’t technically a beauty app but it most definitely is when you start searching for makeup inspo! We could spend hours, even days just searching Pinterest for makeup tips and inspiration. Check out our pinterest page @blushobeauty where we share the best of the best!


We all need a little extra help every now and then and this app is considered one of the best photo editing apps out there! Loved by celebrities, Facetune helps enhance your best features and gets you Insta ready! From teeth whitening to smoothing even reshaping there's nothing this app won't do! Be careful though, many a celeb have been caught out due to over-facetuning their pics!


In the making! We’re currently in the process of making our very first app and it’s going to be all things makeup! If you really can’t wait, why not go to the Blusho.com website on your phone and add us to your homescreen? It’s makeup inspo in just one touch! Find out what that must-have product really looks like on, learn from the pros with our top tutorials, enter competitions and best of all shop makeup looks! That’s right spot a look you love and shop it directly through Blusho, amazing! 

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