Friday, 4 March 2016

How To Fake Freckles

Summer is slowly but surely approaching and we can’t wait to get our freckles back, we’ve literally had withdrawal symptoms all winter! 
If like us, you aren’t naturally blessed with those beautiful specks and you have to wait until you come into contact with sunshine (with SPF, of course!) then check out these steps to how you can fake your own freckles all year round, woohoo!


Brow pencils - source

Who said brow pencils were just for your brows? Opt for a shade that is a shade or two lighter than your natural hair colour to create the freckles.


Instagram - @kendaljenner

Draw the freckles in the areas where they would usually appear if you were in the sun so namely the cheeks, nose and eye area just like Kendall Jenner.


Freckles galore, we love! - source

You don’t want the freckles to all be identical, as this most definitely won’t look natural, the best way to add them to your face is to gently dab the liner onto your skin randomly. The amount of freckles you apply depends on the look you want to create.


Blend blend blend with Beautyblender

To make the freckles look even more natural we suggest going over them with your Beautyblender to lightly blend them into your skin. Gently press or dab the Beautyblender onto the freckles for a subtle freckle effect.


Stay all day - source

Set the freckles with a translucent powder to make sure they stay in place. Don’t be overly rough when applying the powder, gently brush it onto the face so that it doesn’t affect the shape or colour of the freckles and voilà! Sunkissed in January ;)

We love

Topshop's Freckle Pencil

Topshop have created a Freckle Pencil especially for this process and it’s only £5. The natural looking pencil has a marbleised effect so you get a mixture of shades in one. We’re obsessed! 

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