Friday, 25 March 2016

How To - DIY Lipstick Palette

Lipsticks are a must-have in your makeup bag and kit but they can be a nightmare to carry round on the job and it’s so hard to tell them all apart as the packaging can all be the same! The easiest way to separate them and to make your life so much easier is to decant them into palettes so they’re all laid out looking pretty for you to see! Here’s our guide to decanting your lipsticks without ruining them.

What you need –

Empty makeup palette
Small Spatula

1.     Taking your first lipstick and the spatula, cut the lipstick off the tube, don’t do all of it in one go, start small as you want to make sure it will fit into the palette and doesn’t go to waste.

2.     The lipstick you have cut off, put onto your spoon and carefully hold over the candle so that it heats up. Don’t have it too close to the flame, as you don’t want it to burn.

3.     You will see the lipstick starting to melt. Once entirely melted, using the curved spatula, gently scrape the melted lipstick into your palette and pat it down so that it is filling the space.

4.     If you still have room left over you can repeat with the same lipstick until you have filled the space. Make sure to clean the spoons before you start a new lipstick, as you don’t want the colours to mix.

Blusho Tip – Don’t forget to label your lipsticks in the palette so that you know which is which J

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