Thursday, 25 February 2016

Makeup Squad Goals - The Squad We All Want To Be A Part Of!

There are squad goals and then there are makeup squad goals and this is one we all want to be members of! Not only are these girls top makeup artists but they are now Instagram and some Youtube sensations! Best of all they are all friends, possibly the most glamorous group of friends we have ever seen?!

Introducing Makeupshayla, Amrezy, Chrisspy, Lustrelux and Desi Perkins! 
In case you haven’t heard of these girls, (where have you been?!) we’ve got the lowdown on their success so far and exactly why they are top of their game!  


Instagram – Makeupshayla – 1.5million followers
Snapchat – Makeupshayla
Twitter – @makeupshayla

Shayla Mitchell was a pro MUA for MAC Cosmetics for 7 years but her real dream was to work as a celeb makeup artist. Transferring from MAC in Arizona back to her roots in California, Shayla began posting her makeup looks on Instagram with the hope of getting noticed and the rest is history! 

Today, Shayla is one of the most recognizable faces in the makeup industry giving people inspiration on everything from skincare, makeup, fitness and even posing!
The makeup artist turned business woman also has her own range of false eyelashes with beauty brand Flutterlashes, called SlayLa Lashes – that name though!

Blusho Loves – Shayla’s French bulldog, Titus, also has his own Instagram account (@kingtitusthefrenchie) and we are obsessed!


Instagram Followers – 4.2million followers
Snapchat – Amrezy
Twitter – Amrezyyy

Real name Amra but also known as ‘Glamrezy’ because she is seriously the Queen Of Glam! Have you seen her glow?! Amrezy began her professional makeup career in 2010 working in beauty haven Sephora before going her own way.

Born in Montenegro Amezy moved to New York when she was 9, Amrezy is the only non California girl in the group but has since relocated to the sunshine state.
Amrezy attended beauty school to start off her career but claims that it didn’t help her and has learnt the tricks of the trade herself through experimenting.

She has been a huge hit with beauty brands releasing her own palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills in 2014 and most recently she teamed up with Lipland Cosmetics to create her own range of liquid lipsticks which were instant sell outs! 
We’ve also heard on the grapevine that she currently is in the process of adding more shades to the range, we can’t wait!


Instagram – Chrisspy – 2.7million followers
Snapchat – ChrisspyC
Twitter - @Chrisspymakeup
YouTube – Chrisspy

Another MAC sensation, Chrisspy (real name Christina), began working for the brand at only 19 years old before she branched out and started freelancing in Los Angeles. She began posting her looks on Instagram then started her own YouTube channel and now does makeup tutorials and looks as her full time job!

Chrisspy isn’t one to shy away from daring looks and her creativity is probably one of the things that has got her to where she is today. From bold purple hair to some unbelievable Halloween looks it’s never a dull day with Chrisspy!

With close to 1 and a half million subscribers on YouTube and increasing she is the artist that has it all.


Instagram – LustreLux – 1.4million followers
Snapchat – Lusterlux
Twitter - @lustrelux
YouTube – LustreLux

A YouTube sensation, Lustrelux aka Katy has close to 1.5 million followers on both her Instagram and more importantly Youtube, her videos are super popular!
Featuring everything from job interview makeup, monthly faves and even hilarious no mirror makeup videos alongside fellow MUA Desi Perkins.

Katy is a completely self taught MUA which we LOVE and has just worked her way up to where she is now since leaving her job to decide what she wanted to do with her life, we think she’s found something amazing!


Instagram – desiperkins – 2.3million followers
Snapchat – DesiPerkins
Twitter – @desiperkins
YouTube – Desi Perkins

The ultra gorgeous Desi Perkins is a must-follow not only on Instagram for her makeup looks but also on snapchat (desiperkins) because she is seriously funny! Her YouTube channel has grown from strength to strength and features not only must-watch makeup tutorials but also an insight into her lifestyle because everyone wants to know more! 

Prior to starting her YouTube channel Desi focused solely on her Instagram account posting makeup inspo, which of course got so much attention and has made her a household name in the beauty world.
BFF Katy (@lustrelux) is a regular feature throughout videos and images, they’ve even done tutorials together, we can’t handle the glam!

Next up, Desi announced last night that she is collaborating with super cool sunglass brand Quay Australia to design her own range, we can’t wait to see the shades!

Blusho Loves – Did you know Desi’s brow tutorial video on YouTube has over 11million views?! Those brows are on point! Check it out below! 


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