Friday, 19 February 2016

How To Apply False Lashes The Easy Way!

Happy national lash day bombshells! False lashes are huge business but we never knew they even had their own day! In celebration of our beloved lashes we've dedicated an entire blog post to giving you some tips and tricks to applying them yourself at home.

We know many of you won’t even leave the house now without your false lashes but can’t they be an absolute pain to get on?!
There’s nothing worse than putting on your fave lashes to add a bit of drama to your day but then it rubs against the corner of your eye, or one side sticks perfectly yet the other is left hanging off. The list of issues goes on! 

Well, we’ve been trying to master the technique for years, until we saw a tutorial from the queen of false lashes, Huda Beauty, and our lash lives changed for the better!

What you will need

False lashes
Lash glue

1.     Getting your false lash strips, we LOVE Huda Beauty’s range (Giselle (£12.50) are so dreamy!), you want to lie the lashes on top of your own to see if they fit width wise. A lot of lashes are too long on purpose to cater for every eye shape and so that you can then alter them to fit your own.

2.     When you’ve figured out if your lashes are too wide, you can then cut the lashes so that they will give a better shape. We recommend trimming your lashes from the outer corner before then placing them back on your eye to double check that they now fit perfectly.

Image - Pinterest

3.     Next taking your scissors again, you want to divide the lashes into three or four even sections and cut.

4.     Then, apply a thin layer of glue onto the strip of one of the lashes, you can do this with the end of your tweezers (a la Huda!) to make sure you get an ultra thin layer. Try Duo Striplash Adhesive (£4.99)

5.     Holding the lashes with the tweezers you then can place the lashes onto your own lashes and voila!

6.     Now continue the same process with the other two pieces of lashes and you are done and glam and beautiful!

For more makeup tips and how-to's check out our tutorial page here. You'll be a pro in no time ;)