Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Most Popular Beauty Trends Of 2015

It’s nearly time to wave goodbye to 2015 and what a year it has been in the beauty world! We have seen some fabulous products, come across some amazing undiscovered makeup artists and best of all we have had some unforgettable makeup trends, some of which we will carry through to 2016, others are probably best forgotten! (Yes, we’re thinking of those dreaded lip plumpers!)

We are already super excited for what 2016 is going to bring after seeing some sneak peeks of upcoming collections but first here’s a recap of some of the trends we were all loving and some maybe loathing this year!

Lip Plumpers 

You can thank Kylie Jenner for this one! Her lips were the talk of the beauty world for months after miraculously growing in size. Everyone needed Kylie’s lips, lip plumper potions flew off the shelves, MAC’s soar and were almost impossible to get your hands on but best of all we were introduced to the lip plumping gadgets. The internet was crawling with videos of girls who had bruised their entire mouth area thanks to using bottle caps or even vacuums, yes you heard right, vacuums!
Now that Kylie has admitted to having a little extra help in the lip department we hope we’ve seen the last of this trend!


Contouring was sooo 2014! Only kidding, we still love our contouring but 2015 was all about that glow! Strobing was introduced as contouring’s luminous sidekick. All about highlighting the areas that naturally reflect light, such as your cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow and nose, strobing leaves you with a natural healthy glow. We LOVE Becca Cosmetics & Jaclyn Hill’s ChampagnePop!

Cut Crease 

 The ultimate in glam! This look had probably been around for quite some time but it only recently got dubbed ‘the cut crease’ and it was EVERYWHERE! The cut crease is a technique where you use a contrasting eyeshadow shade to ‘cut’ across your crease to make it more defined. One for New Years Eve?

Ombré Lips 

We’ve always been huge fans of lip art but ombré lip art took it to an everyday wearable level. Don’t get us wrong we can’t get enough of those candy cane Christmas lip looks but ombré lips will have you looking more glam rather than decorative over the holidays.

Liquid Lipsticks 

More ‘product love’ than a beauty trend, but liquid lipsticks were huge this year! We’re still catching onto the trend here in the UK (Stila’s All Day Liquid Lipstick is fab though!); we’re dying to get our hands on Anastasia’s range! A liquid lipstick combines the application of a gloss, with the pigmentation of a lipstick and a matte finish. What we LOVE about these is the fact that they literally stay put all day! No more kiss marks on your man’s face either, win-win!

The Power Of Makeup 

It was the year that NikkieTutorials started a revolution! Our Instagram feeds were packed full of half made up faces thanks to her Power Of Makeup campaign. The campaign set out to knock down makeup shamers who say that women only wear makeup to hide their insecurities and instead show that it can be a creative and fun way to express yourself. The video, which went viral, encouraged others to post pictures and videos of their faces with only one side of makeup to prove they aren’t scared of going makeup free. Girl power!


And no we don’t mean cakes! That’s right baking your face became a totally normal thing to do this year! The technique consists of allowing translucent powder to sit on top of your concealer for a few minutes and letting it ‘bake’. Your body heat will help set the concealer for a flawless finish. Kim K is a huge fan!  

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