Thursday, 10 December 2015

Louis Tomlinson's Sister Lottie Will Be Your New YouTube Addiction

One Direction who? We’re over here crushing on Lottie Tomlinson instead, that’s right sister to One D’s Louis, (what a family!). Not only is her brother in the most famous boy band in the world, and we’re slightly jel she gets to hang out with Harry, but she’s also now an up and coming YouTube star!

With superstar brother Louis

The super cool blonde bombshell is a complete makeup addict just like us (yay!), and her website has been our haven for makeup inspo since it launched 6 months ago.

With MUA Lou Teasdale 

At only 17 years old, Lottie already has first-hand experience in the makeup world assisting One D’s makeup artist, Lou Teasdale, on their worldwide tour and now she’s gone out on her own with her own YouTube channel. She first started uploading short makeup video clips to Insta but three months ago she took the leap and uploaded her first YouTube vid, it has nearly a quarter of a million views already, not bad for a newbie!

Since then we’ve been glued to her channel waiting for her new video uploads and now with 6 under her belt she’s well and truly on her way to being a YouTube sensation. She first appeared on our YouTube screens back in 2012 alongside one of our faves, Tanya Burr, remember? (check it out here!). 

Since then she has changed a LOT, now sporting long white hair, an ultra cool 90's style and makeup skills to match. From glitter liner tutorials to glossy lids, Lottie's videos target the biggest trends and make them a helluva lot easier for us amateurs!

Rainbow Roots & Neon Liner 

Lottie is always on top of what's hot in the beauty world, her Instagram (lottietommo123) is a fashion and beauty lovers playground (just like ours then!), did you see those rainbow roots she rocked a few months back?! She also got her hands on all three Kylie Lip Kits so we’ve been feeling sorry for ourselves evertime she uploads a new matte lip look, tear! Here's just some of her YouTube vids we're loving at the min.

Mermaid lids, if you follow our Insta (@blusho) you will know we're a little obsessed with mermaid hair and makeup! This tutorial is perfect for getting the look of the summer, it may be winter but we don't care! 
For another fab mermaid look, check our these sparkly eyes by @yass.slay & how to get the products here.

It's the most wonderful time of the year and it's also the time of the year to sparkle and shine! What better way to do it than to add some glitter to your everyday liner look?! Gorgeous! 

Images - Intsagram @lottietommo123 

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