Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Vloggers Guide To Holiday Glam

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming, la la la. As soon as that advert is shown you know Christmas has arrived! As that was quite a while ago, it has given us plenty of time to spend our days watching our favourite YouTuber and vloggers videos to get makeup inspo for the holidays, don’t we have the best job ever?!
Of course it wouldn’t be fair of us to keep all the beauty tips, trends and secrets we’ve learnt along the way to ourselves, would we do that to you? Never! We’ve compiled a list of the best tips and trends to carry you right through to 2016, vlogger style ;)
1.     Flawless Skin

The one and only Nikkie Tutorials is top of our subscription list so of course we fell in love with her “Soft Glitter Luminous Glam Holiday Makeup” vid!
Photos will be taken aplenty over the holidays so you want to be looking as flawless as ever when you get that dreaded tagged photo notification on Facebook. What better way to look like a holiday angel than to have luminous glowing skin? Nikkie’s mixture of ABH ‘So Hollywood’ and Becca’s ‘Pearl’ gives us life!
Check out her video below

2.     Classic Glam

One look you just cannot go wrong with this Christmas is an original classic, liner and a red lip. Red lipstick just screams glam! Laura Leth perfects the look in her Winter Makeup video, (it’s below just for you bombshells!) what we LOVE is that it is super quick and easy so you can most definitely fit it in in-between presents and dinner yay!

We’ve got a slight crush on Laura’s red lip, NYX’s red lip liner, Anastasia’s ‘Sarafine’ and Sephora’s #01 Liquid Lipsticks are your must-haves.

3.     Go All Out

If classic glam, or naturally glowing skin isn’t for you and you really want to go all out and festive then enter Nicole Guerriero! This video was only uploaded last night and it already has nearly 100,000 views so we predict this to be a very popular look this year!
Reds and greens are the colours of Christmas and they don’t just belong on your tree, oh no you can rock them both in your makeup too! Nicole’s green sparkly liner and statement red lip reminds us of a very glamorous Christmas elf, it’s the perfect look for Christmas day that everyone will be talking about! 

4.     Glitz n Glam!

If there’s ever a time to sparkle it’s now so load up on the glitter! If you follow us on Insta (@blusho) you might have seen a lot of our featured pics lately are sparkling (we’ve got a bit of an obsession!), we are so happy we can release our inner magpie!
From gold glitters, to silver glitters, to reds and greens the list of options is endless but one we are in LOVE with is a gorgeous golden glittery lid a la Andreas Choice. A gold smokey eye can be worn all year round but now it’s time to glam it up and this tutorial shows you just how to do that without looking like a glitter bomb (not a good look!)

5.     Add some colour

Of course red and green aren’t the only colours that are acceptable to wear this festive season. If you really want to stand out then like Iris Beilin go for a statement shade like this bright purple, it looks so fab against darker skin tones! Again, if you feel like it needs to be even more Christmassy of course you can introduce some glitter, it makes everything better ;)
Pair with a nude lip to really draw all focus to your flawless eyes.

6.     Smokey Eyes

Another classic! If glitter, bold colours or Christmas themed makeup isn’t for you then of course you can stick with your trusty smokey eye. However, you don’t want to look the exact same as you did on that Thursday work night out back in July do you?! Of course not, it’s Christmas! So why not glam it up with this intense smokey eye by Manny Mua? There’s an ever so slight hint of green and gorgeous under eye highlight to change it up a little, go on step out of your comfort zone ;). One of our faves!

7.     Contour

Yes beauties, chiseled cheekbones are a must for those family photos! Nicol Concilio has you covered with her contour tutorials but this Christmas themed one really caught our eye! Of course, your family and friends won’t realise this is a Christmas themed contour, but it’s a bit of fun for yourself when you’re getting ready ;) they’ll never guess!

8.     Vampy

It might not be your traditional Christmas look but its super pretty for winter so why not rock it on the big day?! Release your inner vamp with this dark Amrezy for Lip Land Cosmetics liquid lipstick in shade Montenegro paired with a dark shimmery smokey eye just like Laura Lee, it’s ultra glam and perfect for this cold wintry weather.

9.     Eye Art

The ultimate in creative makeup! We adore this Christmassy eye art by YouTuber Kristen Leanne! Now you may get a few funny looks if you nip out to the shops like this for some last minute bits on Christmas Eve but it’s super fun if you fancy doing something different, we guarantee everyone will be impressed!

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