Wednesday, 23 December 2015

5 Ways To Add Glitter To Your Look This Festive Season

It was the night before Christmas and all through Blusho HQ, we were creating sparkly blog posts just for you! ;) If there's ever a time to sparkle it is now! Christmas is the perfect time to add some glitter to your makeup for a bit of fun and festive cheer. From glitter liner to glitter lip art the options are endless and here are just a few of our favourite ways to sparkle this time of year

1.     Glitter Lip Art

Instagram - @sweetlyflawless

We are huge fans of lip art at Blusho and obviously some of our favourite lip art looks contain glitter! (Check out lip art junkie @nicolelemosmua, we’re obsessed!). 

2.     Glitter Eyeliner

Instagram - @yasss.slayyy

If you don’t want to go too over the top but still want to add some festive sparkle to your look then glitter eyeliner is the one for you! You can go for a bright colour like this gorgeous glittery green or for something subtler why not just try adding some glitter to your every day black liner? Fab!

3.     Glitter Lids

Instagram - @loismua

Possibly the easiest way of adding glitter is through your eyeshadow. So many eyeshadows already come with a hint of sparkle so you are ready to go or for a real glitter bomb look, try adding Lit Cosmetics Glitters, we love Champagne Wishes

4.     Glitter Lashes

Available From Not On The High Street 

False eyelashes are a must-have for bringing the glam so why not add some lashes with glitter. Super easy and super dramatic, perfect!

5.     Glitter Brows

Instagram - @doyouevenblend

Yes this is very OTT but it’s so hot right now! Check out our previous How-To tutorial to get the trend yourself at home.

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