Friday, 13 November 2015

Super Eye Art Showcase

Halloween may be over but that doesn’t mean you need to put away your inner artist! We are obsessed with Halloween as you might have guessed and just love seeing all your creative looks but what we love even more is when some of our fave artists give us these looks all year round!

We’ve previously admitted to our lip art addiction but lately we seem to have fallen victim to another type of addiction; eye art! If you follow us on Instagram (@blusho) you may have seen us lusting over some of these creative looks, we may also have tried (and failed miserably!) to recreate them ourselves at home, how do they do it?! So now we thought we’d hand them over to you, unleash your inner artist this weekend and be inspired by some of these clever and creative artists.

1.     Andrea (@Andeedoll)

Not only does Andrea feature her amazing eye art skills like some of the ones above but she also creates artistic looks all over! From lip art to nail art to eye art, you're bound to find something to ignite your inner Van Gogh! ;) 

2.     Lucinda (@lucinda212)

Lucinda is becoming a regular feature on the Blusho Instagram account thanks to her amazingly creative eye looks. She recently drew the London skyline on her eye, and she does it freehand! So clever!

3.     Claudia (@_claudiayvette)

First of all, glitter brows?! Can it get more wow?! Claudia covers it all from creative smokey eyes like the stipple effect look top left, to glitter looks and even butterflies. What more could you want?!

4.     Tal Peleg (@tal_peleg)

Tal's looks are possibly some of the most recognisable on Instagram. Her designs have been featured not only on social media but have also caught the eyes of the press too. We don't even know where we would begin with drawing Les Miserables on a piece of paper let alone our eye, her talents never fail to amaze us!

5.     Becca (@beccaboo318)

If your day is feeling a bit grey, Becca's Instagram account is the place to go! Injecting some colour into our lives on a daily basis, Becca's looks are bright, colourful and super creative. From more subtle looks that you could wear on a night out (we promise!) to some really out there looks like the ones above she is sure to have something for any lover of colour! 

6.     Kiki (@luciferismydad)

The eyeball enchantress! Kiki's description of her skills is spot on! Her account is full of dark, spooky eye looks that are super detailed, can we rewind back to Halloween so she can do our makeup?!

7.     Chiara (@sparkleoflight)

Yet another Blusho regular, Chiara gives us liner envy all the time! Eyeliner can be one of the hardest things to get right but Chiara takes it to another level with dramatic graphic liner looks using glitter, colour, sequins, the list is endless!

8.     Alyssa (@alyssamarieartistry)

She has nearly 200k followers for a reason! Alyssa is a freelance makeup artist and model who not only makes us want to dye our hair every colour under the sun (so cool!) but also really makes us want to go wild our looks! We're so jealous of her skills!

9.     Tara (@juscallmetara)

They're called makeup ARTISTS for a reason! Tara is an up and coming Instagram artist that we've had our eye on (no pun intended ;)) now for a while and her skills never fail to amaze us! These are just some of the amazingly colourful and creative eye looks you can expect to find on Tara's page, we predict big things for Tara! 

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