Thursday, 12 November 2015

Around The World - Korean Makeup Trends

If we could choose to go to one country to buy their beauty products and follow their beauty trends it would probably be Korea! Korea has some of the craziest beauty products we’ve ever seen but they are always one step ahead of the rest of us, remember the cushion packaging we told you about?! You guessed it; it was in Korea ages before we got it!
Unlike us westerners who just love the darkest smokey eyes and contour to the max, in Korea they are obsessed with looking youthful and prefer a more natural look, sounds good right?
Today we’ve decided to look towards Korea to try and predict some of the next big beauty trends to come our way

Gradient Lip  

Or as we like to call it, the backwards ombré! We have only just got the hang of the ombré trend but in Korea they’re doing things the other way around! They line their lips with a pale shade and fill in the centre with a darker shade so it fades to pale. We think it looks like you’ve just had a gorgeous strawberry ice lolly!


Ok, so contouring isn’t exactly new but this type of contouring is new to us! They contour very different in Korea focusing mainly on the hairline. Korean’s find that by applying a darker shade around the hairline and outer edges of the face it gives the appearance of a softer, shrinked face for a more youthful look.

Puppy Eyes  

Doe-eyes or puppy eyes have been all the rage in Korea for a while. While we like to line our eyes and give them a strong flicked out wing, yet again they go the opposite way and bring the liner flick downwards. Firstly, the downward flick is a helluva lot easier than our way but it also makes your eyes appear wider and more open.

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Male makeup  

Men wearing makeup isn’t huge news really, some of our fave muas are men don’tcha know! There’s @Patrickstarrr, @Mannymua733, @mac_daddyy the list goes on, but we definitely don’t seem to see men actually starring in makeup adverts and promoting products!
It’s thought that 20% of Korean men wear some sort of makeup, be that bb creams or some other product so it’s only seems right that one of their most famous actors  Kim Soo-hyun stars and promotes bb creams and other beauty products. Maybe this will pave the way for more men wearing makeup this side of the world?! What do you think?

Straight Eyebrows 

We’re all about the HD brows, our day can’t begin if our brows aren’t on fleek! Our HD brows are usually all about the arch, however in Korea the straighter the brow the better! Taking away the arch is said to yet again make you appear younger, maybe we’ll be giving this a try!

Dewy Skin 

Not new by any means but this is where it all started and it’s still huge! Dewy skin is key to nailing Korean beauty. Giving you a natural, luminous and healthy look, we’ve been big fans for a while and we don’t see this going away anytime soon.

Are you fans of any Korean beauty trends? Or will you be giving any of these a try? Let us know below!

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