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Halloween Makeup - Zipper Face Tutorial

Barbie Zipper Face - Instagram @alvajay 

The 'zipper face' look is one that we predict is going to be huge this Halloween! You might have seen that we posted an amazing one by makeup artist @lou_flores on our Instagram page (@blusho) last week and since then we’ve been dying to recreate the look. If you’re stuck for something to wear this Halloween or if you are dying to try the zipper trend then we’ve got the perfect step by step guide to make you the envy of all your friends this Halloween.

Unzipped Glamour - @lou_flores 

What you will need

A zipper (whichever colour you like, but we love the silver zippers for something really dramatic)
Liquid Latex (Carefully read the instructions before using!)
Red Lip Liner
Red Face Paint
A Variety Of Red Eyeshadows (dark/shimmer/matte etc., we like Illamasqua's Daemon (£16.50) and Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in Poppy (£16))
Fake blood

1.     With your zipper and scissors, cut off the excess material around the zipper so that you are left just with the actual zip.

Side Zip - @j.chaskamakeup

2.     Open the zipper but not fully, just over half way. Position the zipper where you want it to go on your face (we love the off centre looks where it covers one eye, or one side of your face). Draw an outline using a red lip pencil along the inside of the zip so you will remember where to put it.

3.     If the zip is too long, cut the end of it so that it will sit flush to your face.

4.     Using the liquid latex, put a small bit at the top of your face where you want the top of the zip to start. Carefully place the top of the zip onto the liquid latex and hold down for a minute or so to make sure it is secure.

5.     Bit by bit carry on putting the liquid latex down the face where you want the zip to go sticking it down as you go.

Rugged Unzipped - @shugabebrave

6.     Now you have the zip done it is time to start working on the ‘under the skin’ effect. If you want a rugged effect (this looks fab!) you can either dab some liquid latex in a few areas within the zip or if you want a more dramatic look you can layer the liquid latex into the whole area with the zip.

7.     Leave this to dry for a few minutes, it should dry all rugged which will look great when filled in.

8.     You can leave this as it is before you fill it in or if you want a more broken look you can get some tweezers and gently open up the liquid latex for a broken skin effect.

9.     Now for the colour, it is a case of playing around with the variety of red shades you have to create a gruesome look. We recommend starting with the face paint, you can either cover the area with this to give yourself a base or you can paint it on in areas before going over with the other shades.  It’s important to use different shades of red to really give a true textured and life like effect.

Ultra Bloody Zipper - @makeupbytreenz

10. When you are satisfied with the shades of your broken skin and you have filled it into every crevice within the zip you can then get working on the blood. Using fake blood dab this on with a makeup sponge, it doesn’t have to be even, in fact the more uneven and thick looking the better.

11. The inside of the zip should now be complete so you can leave this to dry. If you want to you can also add a little red eyeshadow down the outside of the zip for an added ‘sore’ effect.

12. Although this look is gruesome and scary, you can of course glam up the rest of your face so you still look totally gorgeous! We love an ultra dark smokey eye for a completely contrasting look. 

      For something completely different we love this mini zipper or a white face to really make the red stand out.

Mini Zipper - @shugabebrave

White & Red Zipper Face - @hairbykirsty

Don't forget we are running a Halloween Makeup competition on Blusho! Do you have an ultra creative halloween look that you want to share with the world? Enter now here

Good luck bombshells!! Xx

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