Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween - Traditional Makeup Inspiration

It’s Halloween tomorrow! Yay, we feel like we’ve been looking at Halloween makeup inspiration now for months, realistically we have, but it’s finally here!

We’ve covered anything and everything Halloween makeup related the past few weeks on the Blusho blog, from sugar skulls to fortune tellers to killer clowns, we’ve been your one stop site for Halloween inspo!

However, today we thought we’d break it all down a bit and go old school when it comes to costumes and makeup for the scariest day of the year!
Remember the days when you used to put a white sheet over your head and you were a scary ghost, or the witches hat and broomstick? Nothing can beat those traditional Halloween costumes so we’ve decided to bring those classics back, but with a bit more creativity.

Everyone wants to go as something unique and new this year, so we actually think you will be the most original with some of these traditional costumes. Find our favourite original Halloween looks here today and wow those trick or treaters!




1.     Witch

      Just make sure you have green face paint and black lipstick and you will have the perfect starters kit to creating a wicked witch!




2.     Vampire

      Chrisspy's vampire look is so glam we'd probably wear it on a regular Saturday night! Just add fangs or some fake blood and you'll be ready to bite!



3.     Devil

     You can go all out and add some gruesome horns to your forehead like Jade Walker or turn your eyes into the devil with pitchfork in tow.



4.     Frankenstein

      Obviously Frankenstein was a man but who said us girls can't pull off the look too?! There's lots of bride of frankenstein looks floating around but we love the classic!

5.     Ghost

      The days of the white sheet are long gone! White face paint, black eyes or black contouring can work wonders for creating a scary ghost this Halloween. Pair with spray on white hair or a while wig for a truly horrifying look.



6.     Cat

      A cat may not be scary but it has long been a go-to Halloween look for many! Instead of just adding cat ears why not go all out and transform your face into a realistic feline this year. Eyeliner flicks and cat eyes are key!




7.     Skeleton

      Can it get more original or scarier than this? We're loving the half skull face trend this year, Chrisspy is the master but we love how she's painted the top half of her face white too!



8.     Fairy

      Every little girl wants to be a fairy and even though we aren't little anymore so do we! We love these beautiful magical creations, just add wings and a wand and you're ready to go!




9.     Pumpkin 

     Halloween isn't Halloween without pumpkins! Did you hear there's a pumpkin shortage in the UK this year? Well if you can't get your hands on one why not draw one on your face instead?! These looks are super cute!


10. Zombie

     Thanks to The Walking Dead, the zombie look has been brought back to life. You can either go all our and create gruesome cuts on your face or draw on bloody eyes and lips. Pair with a white complexion and you'll be scaring all the neighbours

     Don't forget it's your last chance to enter your creative Halloween looks into our Halloween makeup competition! For the chance to win submit your look and details here

    Good Luck Witches!! XX

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