Thursday, 15 October 2015

Halloween - Scary Makeup Inspiration

The Halloween countdown has begun, we’re t minus 16 days until the scariest day of the year! Last week we brought you some amazing sugar skull inspiration to help you in the search for your Halloween look, but this week we are going super scary!
No Halloween is complete without a little injection of fear, so if you really want to go all out and give people the fright of their lives this Halloween, we’ve got the best makeup looks for you.

Below, is some of our favourite fear-inducing looks that will even scare you a bit to create. Prepare to put your artistic hat on as some of these looks will take a while, but will be SO worth it! 

Happy creating!

Saw - @luciferismydad

Everyone surely knows the iconic Saw films and the little puppet is something that will be sure to induce fear in the most fearless of people this Halloween. For an extra scary touch, try pairing with dark contacts lenses! 

Killer Clown - @luvekat

Clowns are some of the most scary characters there are, even moreso when they are killer clowns! Luvekat nails this look with special effects to enlarge the mouth.

Scream - @luvekat

Luvekat strikes again! This look will most definitely make you want to scream! Steering away from the tradition 'Scream' looks, this is a million times scarier! 

The Walking Dead - @janellemyh

Possibly one of the biggest and most popular tv shows at the minute, The Walking Dead is sure to inspire a lot costumes this Halloween. We anticipate a LOT of zombies this year and Janellemyh gets the look spot on.

Barbie Monster - @kawaiidoll1

The best of both worlds, when your face is just too pretty to hide, try a half monster half barbie look like Kawaiidoll11. We love the glamour of the Barbie doll paired with the scary monster.

Killer Pumpkin - @mykie_

Incorporating the traditional Halloween icon, the pumpkin, and turning it into something gruesome and frightening is our idea of Halloween perfection! 

Broken Doll - Source Pinterest

Dolls are meant to be lovely, cute toys but oh no, not this one! This scary, wide-eyed doll is perfect for something unique and different. 

Special Effects - @makeupbytaren

If you have sensitive skin or just don't want to cover your whole face in face paint why not go for something with a lot less coverage but still a lot of horror! This pencil through the face is a gruesome but clever way to pull off special effects.

Dark Fairy - @ellie35x

Avatar meets fairy meets scary?! Why not! Somehow this look is still not only scary but surprisingly glamorous thanks to the lip flicks and eyeliner effects.

Zipped Down Skull - @irailzzzz

A huge trend at the moment! These zipped down faces are super effective and we just love this one by @irailzzzz revealing a perfectly drawn skull

Sweet-Tooth Demon - @voodoobarbiedoll

Candy corn, skulls, devil horns, blood, teeth, this look uses nearly everything Halloween that we can think of! For a scary look that incorporates all the major scary icons, or if you're stuck between a few different looks then this sweet-tooth demon is the look for you.

Dark Queen - @promisetamang

Contact lenses can be so effective as seen on Promisetamang. A super easy look to create, some frosted lenses and dramatic lashes are all you need to create this face, then draw the victorian designs on your neck and chest to complete the look.

Bloody Skull - @pala_foxxia

Another two faced look, this time with a dark skull separated by blood stains. Perfect again if you want to show off your glamorous yet scary & fun side! 

Twisted Clown - @twistinbangs

Another killer clown sure to induce fear in those who are scared of the popular circus characters. Twistinbangs drew on an extra long mouth with large teeth and splattered blood effects for a horrifying look.

Under The Skin - @jordanhanz

Although not initially as scary as some (you haven't seen the next one yet!) Jordanhanz cleverly turned half her face into under the skin flesh and muscles for a truly gruesome look.

Jorogumo - @jordanhanz 

Jorogumo is a Japanese mythical creature which Jordanhanz has transferred onto her face in this multiple eye and fang look. We're scared just looking at the picture! 

Need some help?!

Don't know where to start?! If you're looking to carry out a Killer Clown look similar to the ones we've featured above, we've got the perfect tutorial thanks to New Zealand makeup artist @shaaanxo.

The always gorgeous @desiperkins is unrecognisable in this Zombie Flapper tutorial video showing just how clever a look it is! This tutorial is one of our favourites and doesn't include and SFX makeup meaning everyone can try it at home

Are you going down the scary route this Halloween? We'd love to see your looks! Tag us in your pics on Instagram using #blusho and we might feature your skills!

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