Thursday, 29 October 2015

Christian Louboutin Does Halloween Lip Art!

Who knew that fashion mogul, shoe designer and now beauty line creator Christian Louboutin would be one to dabble in the Halloween dress up world? Well, since the launch of his iconic Louboutin nail polishes and now the dreamy lipstick collection, the Louboutin Beauty range has been going from strength to strength. Now, with Halloween only two days away, he's only gone and made our dreams come true and has given us a sneak peek at how Louboutin does Halloween.

However, he couldn't do this on his own, oh no he's listed one of the best in the biz to lend a helping hand! If you are as lip art obsessed as we are (we’ve got proof here!), then no doubt you will have heard of Laura Jenkinson (@laurajenkinson). Laura is one of our favourite artists with some of the most creative and artistic makeup looks we’ve ever seen! She is also possibly one of the most recognizable artists thanks to her unique lip art looks; we just can’t get enough of those cartoon characters!

Instagram (@laurajenkinson)

Well now she has teamed up with the most luxurious of makeup houses, the Christian Louboutin Beauté team, to create a set of three frightening lip looks, perfect if you’ve left your look until last minute but still want to cause a fright this year.

1. The Spider – Ok, this is so not good for our arachnophobia! However, if it’s scaring us then it’s working right?!
Starting with the overall lip colour, paint your lips with the gorgeous Christian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour in Very Prive (£60).
Then using a Lip Definer (£27) draw the outline of the spider, with the body on the bottom lip and legs going down onto the chin.
Fill in the body and legs of the spider with a dark or black lip colour then using a white liner highlight certain areas of the spider to really make it look alive!

2. Vampy – The traditional scary vampire look is one that will never go out of fashion!
Again, using the Silky Satin Lip Colour in Very Prive (£60), fill in your lips so you get that beautiful berry shade.
No vampire look is complete without fangs! You can either use some fake ones (available at any fancy dress store) or you can make your own at home using just a straw (check this out!)
Then apply some fake blood on your lower lips and fangs for a truly bloodthirsty look.

3. The Hand – This makes our skin crawl!
Just like the spider look, start by drawing the outline of the hand onto your face and lips using a Lip Definer (£27).
Fill in the centre of your lips with a black lipstick or face paint and then in the arm above the hand.
Next, using white/grey paint, paint the fingers before going back over them with the black paint and a thin brush to draw shadows on the fingers and the lines around the hand.
Finally, a Louboutin look has to have a Louboutin red of course! Using Rouge Louboutin Silky Satin (£60), outline the black of the lips and the fingernails for a classic Louboutin finish.

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Happy scaring bombshells!

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