Sunday, 4 October 2015

Welcome to Blusho!

Calling all beauty lovers, makeup addicts and glamorous bombshells, Blusho is here to revolutionise your life!

We know you’ve been stalking our Instagram page for quite some time (don’t worry, we’re very flattered!) but we also know that despite our fab posts and makeup inspiration, you’ve been wondering what exactly is Blusho?!

Well, sit back and relax as we explain just how we are going to change your beauty life for the better!

 "If Instagram, Sephora and Polyvore had a baby… it would probably be BLUSHO"

Doesn’t it sound like the dream child?!

Blusho is a beauty-dedicated platform that connects makeup artists, product junkies, beauty browsers, brands and shoppers - anyone and everyone that loves makeup! It lets users see how beauty products really look on and the different ways those products can be used.

One day last year, after spending hours on beauty blogs as you do, we decided we just needed the latest Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, but what shade do we order?! We spent hours scanning different websites and social media networks looking for people who have similar colouring to us to see whether ‘soft brown’ or ‘medium brown’ was the best shade (phew!). Sound familiar??

Well, we ended up ordering both just because we didn’t know which shade was best (it was ‘soft brown’ in case you were wondering and we are obsessed!).

Even better, not only can you see what products look like on but you can also shop an entire makeup look!

Let’s say you see a makeup look that you adore by one of your favourite artists, you will then be able purchase the products used to create the look all through Blusho! Isn’t that just amazing?!

Have we convinced you how incredible it’s going to be?! Once you register your details on the site (its completely free of course too!) you'll be able to share your own makeup looks with users across the world, follow artists, enter competitions, create product wishlists, find looks you love, and more!

We are currently gearing up for our launch in a few weeks (which is going to be fabulous!) and we are SO excited about sharing our ‘beauty playground’ with you!

If you really can’t wait for it to launch why not head to our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Pinterest account (we’re on everything!) in the meantime for all things beauty! Find them below!

Instagram - @blusho
Twitter - @blushobeauty
Tumblr - @blushoblog
Pinterest - @blushobeauty

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