Friday, 4 September 2015

Our Top 5 High Tech Beauty Gadgets

1.     Lilumia

The one product every makeup addict needs in their life! Don’t you just dread makeup brush cleaning day?! Well dread no more thanks to Lilumia. Lilumia ($145) is basically a washing machine for your brushes! Crazy we know, but so so good. Saving you so much time, Lilumia can clean up to 11 brushes at the one time using just water and the Lilumia solution, leaving your brushes as good as new and bacteria free, your makeup will go on more precise and look super flawless. Shipping to the UK from next year.

*Blusho Tip - Lilumia are offering a special launch bundle for a limited time for $145 instead of $195!*

2.     Clarisonic

If you haven’t heard of the clarisonic, where have you been?! A revolution in skincare, the Clarisonic will remove dirt and bacteria from your skin even after you have completed your usual makeup removal and cleanse. Most people think that by removing their makeup and cleansing and toning their skin that all dirt will have gone but the Clarisonic gets so much deeper to remove dirt you can’t even see and didn’t even know existed post-makeup. Not only is it great for removing dirt and bacteria but it will also leave your skin feeling softer and smoother, minimize the appearance of pores as well as helping your skin absorb products better. The Clarisonic Mia starts from £99.

*Blusho Tip - Clarisonic are offering 15% off their device until midnight tonight!*

3.     Temptu Airbrush

For the ultimate in flawless makeup, the new Temptu Air is the way forward. Temptu rule the airbrush world but their first cordless, handheld mobile device is revolutionising airbrushing as we know it. In the past airbrush makeup has been associated with a huge machine that you see being carted along to brides on their wedding day but now it can be achieved so much easier. Pop in a Temptu Airpod in your correct shade, choose your desired coverage and voila natural, lightweight, flawless makeup. Not only can you apply foundation with this device, but you can also apply blush, highlighter and bronzer with Temptu’s pods.

The Temptu Air is not available in the UK yet but you can find out more information here.

4.     Eylure Heated Eyelash Curler

Our look is never complete unless our lashes are on point! Now you can achieve luscious lashes so much easier with Heated Eyelash Curlers and who better to create some than eyelash-dedicated brand Eylure. Unlike traditional eyelash curlers, Eylure’s heat up to leave you with long lasting curved lashes. The wide comb also allows the heat to reach every lash in a matter of seconds. Who needs fake lashes?! 
Get your Eylure Heated Eyelash Curler now for £10.20.

5.     Panasonic Nail Gel Remover

As gorgeous as gel nail polish looks, we can all admit it’s a pain to get off unless you get a professional to do it for you. Well the Panasonic gel polish remover (£40.90) is here to give you a helping hand. Although this procedure isn’t completely Acetone free, the buffer does remove the top layer of gel for you prior to soaking in acetone so that it is a lot easier to come off. After the gel polish is removed you can then use the nail file attachment to shape nails and the gel polish remover and cuticle care attachment to get ride of any left over polish and care for cuticles.

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