Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Our 9 Most Repinned Beauty Tips And Tricks

If you are as makeup obsessed as us Blusho girls then no doubt you are on Pinterest. We like to think the Blusho Pinterest page (@blushobeauty) is the best account for absolutely anything and everything makeup related! From the most beautiful brows to nail art to Halloween beauty there is something for everyone. Although what we probably love the most is all the beauty secrets we come across which have transformed our beauty and makeup routine. 
We have compiled our top most repinned pins from our Beauty Tips and Tricks board below to give you a helping hand but find over 200 more on our page here

1. The best eyebrows for your face shape. Use this chart by Birchbox to identify your face shape and then find the best brow shape, including arch, thickness etc. to suit your face. 

2. An easy step by step guide to getting perfect eyebrows at home using the best brow tools there are by Tweezerman

3. Contouring is not only for cheekbones! Did you know you can contour your eyes? Makeup.com show you how to best contour your eyes to enhance your eye shape and transform your look. 

4. You guys just love your brows! With three eyebrow pins in our top 5 you definitely want your brows on fleek! Well and good have a great detailed graphic showing you exactly where you should pluck your brows to achieve a gorgeous shape.

5. DIY brush cleaner - If you are one of those people who can't live without their makeup then you must find that you are constantly washing your brushes and then constantly spending out on expensive brush cleaner or baby shampoo. Well the girls at The Beauty Department have a DIY brush cleaner that you can make at home with products you are bound to always have in your cupboards.

6. The Beauty Department strikes again! With millions of makeup brushes on the market it's hard to know exactly which brush you should be using for which product. The above guide has all the answers! 

7. Bronzer is a must-have especiailly in the summer months but it also is becoming a staple all year round thanks to contouring. Angel, from Hairspray and High Heels made this clever graphic to show exactly where you should be applying bronzer to best flatter your face. 

8. X marks the spot - Kylie Jenner eat your heart out! Luscious, plump lips have been the must-have look of the year thanks to the 18 year old reality star and The Beauty Department have a clever trick to achieve a fuller lip, pain and surgery free! 

9. How to highlight - Contouring might still rule the beauty world but strobing is pushing its way in! Strobing is all about highlight and using it on the parts of your face that naturally reflect light. However if you want to focus on highlighting one specific area, this guide from Stylecaster features highlighting for brows and eyes. 

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