Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Upcoming Beauty Collaborations You Will Love!

We love makeup! We also love makeup artists and bloggers. So what we really love is when they decide to collaborate! There is nothing that excites us more than the suspense of whether or not we are going to get our hands on a limited edition makeup collection, trust us we are always first in the queue. But because we are so generous we thought we would let you in on some upcoming collaborations that have us weak at the knees and are sure to go FAST!

Image - Instagram @jaclynhill

1.     Make Up Geek & Jaclyn Hill

This is top of our list because it is probably the one we are most excited about! Popular makeup artist and YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is one of the biggest beauty Instagram sensations there is so it is no wonder that brands are eager to work with her. First there was Morphe Brushes, then the incredible Becca highlighter and now it’s Makeup Geek! We heard about this collaboration on the beauty grapevine and were praying that it was true so when Jaclyn confirmed it would be a 9 shade eye shadow palette we were in heaven!
There is no release date as of yet but we will be sure to keep you guys updated when we hear more!

Image - Instagram @maccosmetics

2.     MAC Cosmetics & Selena Quintanilla

After an online petition was created at the start of the year for this collaboration it seems like MAC listened and have confirmed that it will be in fact going ahead! It’s been 20 years since the late Latin singer, Selena Quintanilla, passed away so what better way to remember her than with a makeup collection dedicated especially to her signature look. Selena was known for her bold looks so we are expecting a lot of bold bright colours! The collection will be available next year in 2016 so we all have a little while longer to wait yet! 

Image - style.com

3.     Sephora & Karen Walker

Seriously when are we going to get a Sephora here in the UK?! There are SO many amazing products we are missing out on! If you are a lucky enough to have a Sephora store nearby or if you have the money to splurge on international delivery costs then listen up!
New Zealand designer Karen Walker, famed for her iconic sunglasses, is collaborating with beauty giant Sephora to create a super cool and chic brush set that you are going to want in your life! Available this October, the collection will feature a six piece brush set which sits in a gold circular base, perfect for your dressing table and a round compact mirror which resembles Walker’s signature shades when it opens up. The range will be embossed with tortoise shell and gold and feature retro peace signs and bunnies for a fun take on your beauty tools.

Image - Instagram @mileycyrus

4.     MAC Cosmetics & Miley Cyrus

Miley is back yet again for a second lipstick and lipglass collection with MAC cosmetics for their Viva Glam range. For more info on the range check out our post here.

Image - Instagram @lipsticknick_

5.     Morphe Brushes & Nicole Faulkner aka Lipsticknick_

      Morphe Brushes always have amazing collaborations with our fave makeup artists and bloggers so it’s no surprise they are doing it again! This time, mua Nicole Faulkner is uniting with them to release a limited edition 10 shade lip palette. Nicole is not shy of colour and the Lipstick Nick palette will reflect her love of bright colourful shades sure to give you a dramatic statement look. The shades will have a creamy texture but leave you with a soft matte finish. Available now online here for $25.

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