Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Future Of Makeup Brushes Is Here!

Artis Fluenta Collection

The brushes everyone is talking about! You will probably have seen the Artis brushes all over the beauty blogs as they are so recognisable thanks to their sleek futuristic design. Used by the likes of Kim Kardashian and YouTubers Dulce Candy and MakeupbyIsabel, they are the brushes of the moment and we’ve got the lowdown on exactly why they’re so fab!

Founded by former MAC Senior Executive, Matthew Waitesmith, he realised it was time for a revamp in the beauty tool world as they can either make or break your entire look. Waitesmith set out to create Artis brushes with the object of delivering you with a more even finish compared to conventional makeup brushes as well as making your makeup routine a lot easier and flawless.

Circle 1 brush

The sleek, easy to grip brush handles allow for a more precise application and better control whilst the brush heads are probably some of the softest brushes you have ever had touch your face! Completely cruelty free, the synthetic man-made cosmefibres are extra soft and contain 3-10 times more individual fibres than regular makeup brushes, which don’t shed!

The design of the brushes features a microscopically tapered tip, which is perfect for blending your makeup to give you a flawless finish and no matter what. the brushes always retain their shape.

Artis brush cleaning 

Another feature of these brushes that we guarantee will make you want to run out and buy them is the ease in which they can be cleaned. No more spending your whole day washing your brushes, hallelujah! Artis brushes are cleaned with their signature microfiber cloth and cleansing foam. Simply pump some foam onto the cloth and swipe the brushes back and forth until the makeup debris is all on the cloth, reshape and let dry. Does it get much easier?!

Kim Kardashian on her Vogue Brasil shoot.

Aside from makeup we personally like the Oval 10 brush for applying fake tan or shimmer a la Kim K. The large brush head makes it easy to cover your body in a speedy time as well as giving you a smooth, blended application. (Did we also mention it has over 250,000 fibres!!).

Artis Elite Mirror Collection

The original Elite Mirror collection is available to buy now from Net-A-Porter starting at £25 whereas the newer Fluenta collection is currently only available from Bergdorf Goodmans or Neiman Marcus in the US starting at £24.71.

If the Artis brushes are slightly out of your price range but you still want to be able to try the new style for yourself then you’re in luck because Waitesmith designed a similar range of brushes for MAC Cosmetics prior to founding Artis, at an affordable price. The Linear 1, Oval 3 and Oval 6 brushes retail from £23 to £34.50, although they don’t have as wide a range as Artis they are a great platform to start at if you want to try them out.

MAC Masterclass Brushes. 
Image - W Magazine.

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