Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Our Must-Have Mascara….And It’s Cheap!!

Beautiful brushes! Image - Allure 

If there was one product we could take with us to a desert island it would have to be mascara! On those days where you just don’t look or feel like yourself, mascara can make you look more awake, glam and will complete your look. With so many different brands and types to choose from it is so hard to know which one will be right for you.
When choosing mascara, the number one thing we always take into consideration is the actual brush. It doesn’t matter whether it is a lengthening, volumising or thickening mascara, if you aren’t using the correct brush you won't get the results you want. For example, if you are lucky enough to be born with beautiful long lashes then you don’t want to get a really thick brush as this will more than likely clump your lashes together. Similarly for short lashed girls, steer clear of straight blunt brushes and opt for something curved to curl your lashes.
Despite trying numerous different brands over the years including well-known cult mascaras we think we have finally found the one and it is only £9.99!

Introducing the Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara – ta da!

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara

A high volume and definition mascara, it does exactly what it says on the tube. Most volumising mascaras that are on the market almost always come with a big thick brush which never seems to work for us and just leave us with clumpy, sticky lashes. However, the great thing with the Masterpiece Max mascara is the tapered brush, which means you can use it width ways on your lashes as standard but it also allows you to vertically reach those smaller corner lashes that some wands usually miss to add extra definition.

Tapered brush

When applying the mascara, you will notice how soft and creamy the formula is, making it super easy to use yet when dry, it will stay put all day and won’t leave you with any unwanted black shadows around your eyes. Promising to increase the volume of your lashes by 400% (!!) this mascara will also noticeably lengthen, separate and curl your lashes making it a great all-rounder and a staple in our makeup bag.

Long lashes with just one coat! 

The IFX brush features soft bendy bristles made from thermo plastic so it is ultra flexible and the bristles are small enough that they cling to every lash.

Masterpiece Max comes in three colours, black, brown/black and blue and is perfect for contact lens wearers. It is also available in a waterproof option so it is perfect if you are a bit shy of revealing your bare eyes when on holiday! 

You can purchase it for £9.99 at all major pharmacies and supermarkets or online from Boots here. Keep an eye out for Boots' 3 for 2 promos as well, we like to stock up on this so always buy 3 when they're on offer!

Have you tried Max Factor’s Masterpiece Max mascara? What are your thoughts?

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