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Our Makeup Brush Must-Haves!

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If there’s one thing we could just keep on buying over and over again it’s makeup brushes! There are literally hundreds and possibly thousands of options out there all with different uses but despite owning so many we always return to the same ones!
Here’s a list of the ones that we love at the minute and always ;)                           

Illasmaqua powder brush

Illamasqua blusher brush 

                                                                               Illamasqua highlighter brush

1.     Illamasqua

Illamasqua brushes are some of our must-haves! The cruelty free brushes are super soft and really long-lasting! We have had our Illasmasqua brushes for years and they are still as good as new. Among our everyday brushes is the powder brush, blusher brush and highlighter brush.
All the brushes come with sleek glossy black handles and black bristles, ultra chic!
The powder brush is a staple in our makeup bag as the brush head is the perfect size not too big or too small, as is the blusher brush.
Although it is stated as a highlighter brush, an Illamasqua artist previously showed us told us to try it as a foundation brush and we haven’t looked back since. It helps leave our skin with a flawless finish and is our go-to if we aren’t using the Beautyblender.

Available here. Powder brush - £39.50. Blusher brush - £29.50. Highlighter brush £26.

                Sephora Part angled blush brush #49                    
Sephora PRO domed crease brush #16 

2.     Sephora

Unfortunately we don’t have Sephora here in the UK yet (we’re holding out hope!) but we have picked up a few of their own branded brushes on our travels. Part of our collection includes their Part angled blush brush #49, although meant to be used with blusher we think the shape of the brush is perfect for creating a contour and getting right in under our cheekbones.

The Sephora PRO domed crease brush #16 is our next Sephora favourite. The domed shape of the brush fits perfectly into our eye socket and crease making it easy to apply and blend eye shadow.

Available here

Real Techniques stippling brush 

3.     Real Techniques

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t own a Real Techniques brush! They are super affordable, soft, cruelty free and come in cute, coloured aluminium packaging making them perfect value for money. We adore their stippling brush, perfect for applying foundation but we love it for applying our light liquid tinted moisturiser. It blends and buffs the liquid into your skin perfectly giving you an airbrushed finish, you’ll wonder how you ever applied makeup before it!

Available here for £11.99

Make Up For Ever double-ended angled eyebrow and eyelash brush 

4.     Make Up For Ever

We had been searching for the perfect eyebrow brush for ages before we found this Make Up For Ever one! The Double-ended angled eyebrow and eyelash brush is our go-to brush for perfectly defined brows. Featuring two ends, one with a short angled brush and the other with a spiral brush, we find that both ends are all we need for creating a gorgeous brow. Although also stated as an eyelash brush, we don’t use this on our lashes at all, we use the spiral end to brush and tame our brows and the angled end to apply our product. The spiral brush means you don’t have to keep spending out on one-use disposables and the angled end is small and thin to get a perfect shape.

Available here for £19

Bobbi Brown eye blender brush

5.     Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown brushes are the dream and this brush has to be the softest ever! A blender brush is a must have in every kit and this one is so perfect for blending your eye shadow. Although bigger than a usual eye blender brush it still manages to blend everything together perfectly whilst softening in the look in the process. This blender brush can also be used to set concealer using powder, who doesn't love a multi use product hey?! 

Available here for £25.50

MAC #242 shader brush

6.     MAC Cosmetics

We can’t complete a brush post without including one from MAC cosmetics! Obviously there are so many amazing MAC brushes to choose from but one that makes an appearance every day on our face is their #242 shader brush. Stated as a brush for shadow and concealer application we love to use it to apply concealer as well as blend highlighter in small places such as the bridge of our nose, cupids bow etc. making it an ultra versatile brush.

Available here for £21.

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