Thursday, 20 August 2015

Our Lip Art Addiction Is Real!

Instagram is the go-to place to find makeup inspiration and ideas and we love nothing more than drooling over creative lip art. Although some of the lip art we find we would definitely not be suitable to wear to go shopping or for lunch with our girls but we are more than happy to wear it round the house specifically for our own pleasure and to ignite our inner Picasso. Too far?! Well check out our favourite Insta lip artists and you’ll be digging out your glitter and neons too!

Instagram - @nicolelemosmua

1    Nicole Lemos (@nicolelemosmua)

Nicole is a regular feature on the Blusho Instagram account as we just can’t get enough of her looks. From snakeskin to sequins and jewels Nicole has tried everything and they are always WOW!

Instagram - @sarahmcgbeauty

2    Sarah McG (@sarahmcgbeauty)

Not only is Sarah super talented at makeup but she is also a photographer meaning her pictures have that extra edge! Originally set up as an account to showcase her photography she now inspires over 70 thousand followers with her artistic looks. With more than 2000 images on her account to date she is an endless source of inspiration for our lips

Instagram - @rebellebeautyx

Ashley (@rebellebeautyx)

New York based Ashley aka rebellebeautyx is a freelance makeup artist and lip art creator who we LOVE! She recently used a real rose petal on her lips to create a unique look red glossy look. Can you get more creative than that?!

Instagram - @vladamua

     Vlada Haggerty (@vladamua)

Vlada’s designs are probably some of the most recognisable on Instagram. Most of her images feature a drip art effect making it look like the gloss/paint is literally falling off her lips. We found it so hard to choose just four of her looks to show you that you need to go look at the rest for yourself!

Instagram - @sara_mua_

     Sara (@sara_mua_)

We aren’t sure what we love more, Sara’s lip art or her flaming red hair! Sara combines lip art and smoke to showcase her designs in an ultra artistic way. She often uses a variety of textures on her lips making one side look completely different to the other effectively creating more than one look.

Instagram - @emileebdesigns

     Emilee B. (@emileebdesigns)

Chicago based Emilee is a great account to find lipstick swatches but she also adds her own twist of creativity to some of her looks using lots of glitter and sparkle giving you the best of both worlds.

Instagram - @missjazminad

6      Jazmin (@missjazminad)

With over 400k followers you just know she’s got skills! Her hair colour changes almost as much as her lips proving she isn’t afraid to try anything and she often features matching lip and nail art making us so envious of her talents!

Instagram - @sweetlyflawless

7      Samantha Fournier (@sweetlyflawless)

For more wearable yet still daring lip art Samantha gives you the best of both worlds. Her looks feature a variety of colours that you can wear on a day-to-day basis, or gives you the option to change it up for something more unique to show off your wild side! She also lists all her products used so you can recreate at home.

Instagram - @laurajenkinson

     Laura Jenkinson (@laurajenkinson)

Last but not least, this account is something else! You most definitely will not be wearing these looks everyday (or ever really!) but we can’t help but be amazed and amused by Laura’s looks. Laura uses her mouth to depict the mouths of numerous cartoon characters and they are incredible!! From Kermit to Spongebob to Homer Simpson, Laura has it covered. Prepare to be wowed.

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