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8 Beauty Tips We've Learned From Beauty Bloggers & YouTubers.

Gone are the days where you have to look up the answer to a question in a manual or book, the answer to everything now rests online. When it comes to beauty or makeup questions our first port of call is our trusty beauty bloggers or YouTubers. Considering most of them are professionally trained makeup artists or at least have a wealth of makeup experience then who better to take advice from?! Here are some of our favourite beauty tips and tricks that we have learnt along the way from some of the best.

Image - Instagram @TanyaBurr 

1.    Tanya Burr

Brit YouTube sensation Tanya Burr was one of the original beauty bloggers and vloggers. Now with over 3 million YouTube subscribers, a book and a cosmetics line she is one of the most successful bloggers out there. Future sister in law to Pixiwoo's Sam and Nicola Chapman and fiancée to male YouTube star Jim Chapman we only predict bigger and better things to come for Tanya.

Tip – Always massage your moisturizer into your face. It is not enough to just slap your moisturizer on and leave it to soak in, properly massaging your moisturizer in will give your skin a gorgeous glow and also help to heal any blemishes that you may have.

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2.    The Beauty Department

Founded by The Hills star Lauren Conrad back in 2011 along with her makeup artist and hairstylist, The Beauty Department is our go-to site for genius hacks, tips and tutorials. This one is one of our favourites and makes such a difference.

Tip – To add more volume to your lashes coat both the front and back with mascara. This is possibly one of the easiest tips there is, most people usually only apply mascara to the front of their lashes and forget about the back of them. By coating the back of your lashes it makes them appear thicker as well as helping them stand more upright.

Image - Instagram @carlibel

3.    Carli Bybel

Born in New Jersey, 24 year old Carli is one of the hottest YouTube sensations. Originally a beauty blog, Carli’s channel has grown to include not only makeup but also fashion and fitness videos throughout her two channels. Counting over 2 million Instagram followers, Carli’s makeup is envied worldwide.

Tip – Concealer is not only for under your eyes and blemishes. Carli also recommends applying concealer to the sides of your nose. This helps to lighten dark shadows and giving the appearance of a slimmer nose.

Image - Instagram @gossmakeupartist

4.    Wayne Goss

The most subscribed male makeup artist on YouTube, English born Goss has two channels, gossmakeupartist and gossmakeupchat, which feature product reviews, mind-blowing tips and tutorials. His Kim Kardashian contour and highlight video currently has over 9 million views so it’s no wonder he is one of our most watched. His channel gossmakeupartist is packed full of tips that we had to include two!

Tip 1. – Use a tiny brush to apply mascara to your lower lashes instead of an ordinary mascara wand. A small fine brush allows you to get closer to your lashes so you can paint each one individually.

Tip 2. – Highlight above your brow not under. We used to be guilty of this as we’re sure most of you are! However, Goss suggests that by using highlighter above your brow it gives the illusion of a brow lift. Amazing!

Image - Instagram @kandeejohnson

5.    Kandee Johnson

Red haired LA beauty Kandee Johnson is famous for transforming herself into literally anyone using just makeup! From Angelina Jolie to Justin Bieber, Johnson’s channel shows off her super skilled looks as well as featuring fun lifestyle videos including cooking, DIY and her adorable children.

Tip – One of the biggest beauty trends right now is matte lips, but what if your favourite lip colour doesn’t come in a matte finish? Kandee’s DIY matte finish hack includes applying your favourite lip colour, getting a piece of tissue, pulling it apart so it is only 1 ply and placing it over your lips. Using a brush, lightly press powder onto the tissue. When you remove it you will be left wish a gorgeous matte lip look.

Image - Instagram @anniejaffrey

6.    Annie Jaffrey

Annie is one of our bloggers to watch. A lifestyle blogger, Jaffrey features anything from beauty to fitness and recipes. She has currently got nearly half a million subscribers on her YouTube channel while her blog has nearly reached 10 million views. Swedish born Annie currently lives in Dubai but has also lived in Switzerland, New York and London with her cultured background filtering through her videos and posts.

Tip – For those of you with oily skin, if you find that you are forever having to reapply powder throughout the day to mattify your look you could be doing it wrong. Annie suggests always blotting your skin with tissue first before reapplying powder. This soaks up any excess oils onto the tissue and will avoid your makeup looking caked on.

Image - Instagram @lozcurtis

7.    Lauren Curtis

Natural beauty Lauren Curtis is Australia’s number one beauty vlogger with over 3 million YouTube subscribers to date. Her channel features videos on all things beauty related from hair and makeup tutorials to product reviews. If you are a blonde bombshell like Lauren then her videos are a must watch to find out the best makeup for blonde haired beauties.

Tip – If you are prone to breakouts then Lauren doesn’t recommend applying a shimmery blush or bronzer as it will accentuate blemishes and draw attention to your pores.

Image - Instagram @lisaeldridgemakeup

8.    Lisa Eldridge

Celebrity makeup artist and Lancôme’s Global Creative Director, Lisa Eldridge obviously knows her stuff! Counting celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian and Kate Winslet among her portfolio of clients, she has painted the faces of some of the world’s most well known stars. Luckily for us, despite her busy schedule she still finds time to post YouTube videos and blog entries recommending some of her favourite products and showcasing her skills for us to try and recreate.

Tip – Blusher should be applied differently depending on your face shape. If you have a round face you should apply blusher in a ‘C’ shape starting at your cheekbones and working up to your temples.
For longer face shapes, Lisa recommends applying blush to the apples of your cheeks. Whereas for oval faces you can get away with adding colour pretty much anywhere, (within reason!)

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