Friday, 15 May 2015

Product Love!

Ben Nye Banana powder

We need to stop watching YouTube videos!! Seriously though, our banks are not happy with us because all we are doing is spending money on new makeup products that we keep seeing our fave artists go on about!

We just had to get this one though; Ben Nye’s banana powder has been on our list for ages especially after watching Nicole Guerriero’s “baking” method (yes, she bakes her face!)

Translucent powder has always been our go-to powder as it doesn’t leave you with that caked on makeup look so we must admit we were a little dubious buying a powder that is literally yellow, bright yellow! However, if Nicole uses it then it must be good right??

Following Nicole’s baking method, we’ve been putting it on quite heavy under our eyes and underneath our contour using a small powder brush such as MAC’s 129, on top of our highlighter/concealer, and leaving it to set for a few minutes, or bake, as it gives your skin time to absorb the product rather than it just sitting on top.

You can carry on with the rest of your makeup while you are letting this set. After a few minutes we just blend the remaining powder away with a stippling brush. As Nicole says its= prevents your contour from looking too “muddy” and gives you a more defined look.

Safe to say we are hooked and definitely recommend you try it! Also Bobbi Brown admitted this week to loving yellow powders and not even having a translucent powder in her whole company so if that’s not enough to make you give it a go we don’t know what will!

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