Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Our Lip And Skin Saviour!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Family - Source 

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past…well forever(!) then you will have heard of the absolutely amazing, fabulous and wonderful product that is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.
This has been our go-to product for literally any lip or skin issues we've had ever since our early teens and mothers basically forced it on us but now we literally cannot live without it.

The Eight Hour Cream, although it’s more of a balm, comes in a variety of packaging to suit your every need. There is the lip protectant stick, the skin protectant tube, the nighttime miracle moisturiser tub, there’s even a sun cream! The list is endless. It promises to soothe, restore, calm and help relieve your chapped lips and skin as well as any other minor skin irritations you might have.

We are the proud owners of both the lip protectant stick and also the skin protectant tube, which are now a little worse for wear they've been used that many times and thrown into every handbag we’ve ever owned but you can see both above!

A tube of the skin protectant was always doing the rounds in our house when we were younger, dry lips, chapped lips, rough skin it fixed everything! Then when they brought out a stick version, which is undoubtedly a lot less messy and perfect for on the go, we had to own that too.

We don’t like to use the cream too often as we don’t want our skin to become dependent on it but if we ever have any lip or skin issues like we mentioned above, then it’s our first port of call. We find that putting on the cream or stick right before you go to bed and leaving it on overnight gives it an ideal amount of time to work its magic without any interruptions. Obviously eight hours is a perfect amount of time for it to do it’s job as well as top up your beauty sleep!

Not only do we use it on our skin and lips but we have also recently started using on our brows at night to help train them to grow upwards (our knowledgeable HD brow lady told us to!) and into the shape we would like. It is also our favourite beauty travel companion on a long flight to prevent our skin from getting too dehydrated.

Elizabeth Arden’s latest product in the range is the lip stick with added sheer tint to keep you glamorous yet soft and protected all day long.

The Eight Hour Cream stick is £20 while the Skin Protectant 50ml tube is £26 and they last you ages! The range is available to buy now from any Elizabeth Arden counter or online here.

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