Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Instagram Favourites!

So we are admittedly a little addicted to Instagram as you all probably are aware. We love nothing more than spending hours upon hours scrolling through our favourite muas looking for beauty inspiration or new products! So, because sharing is caring and all that, we thought we would share our top 5 accounts that we are loving this month!

  Chloe Boucher (@chloeboucher)

We are predicting big things for Chloe here at Blusho! With just over 65,000 followers, shoutouts from some of the top muas worldwide, and not to mention gorgeous, we just know this girl is going to be huge! 
Ellarie (@ellarie)

Ellarie is the queen of colour at the minute! Just one scroll through her Instagram and you will find eye looks or lipsticks in every colour you can imagine. We just adore how she isn’t scared of a bold bright look, we wish we looked that good with green eyes and purple lips!!

Rhaea Estelle (@rhaeaestelle)

Canadian YouTuber Rhaea literally looks like a doll and to top it all off a doll that is super talented at makeup! Most of Rhaea’s looks are natural no-makeup makeup but that’s what we love, natural is in right now in case you didn’t know!!

  Caroline Kavlakian (@carolinebeautyinc)

Now it does help when you have the most stand out eyes imaginable but Caroline does a pretty good job at her makeup regardless! Caroline’s Insta is all up close and personal featuring close-ups of her eye makeup and lip colours so that we get to see every tiny detail!

Nikki Wolff (@nikki_makeup)

Counting Millie Mackintosh and Amanda Holden among her celebrity fans, Nikki is used to working on some of the most beautiful faces there are. Her Instagram is full of creative looks for editorials to glam makeup for events. We could literally scroll through her page all day!

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