Friday, 10 July 2015

Beauty you can eat and drink!

We’re all about trying the newest beauty products and treatments in the hope of making our skin look younger, radiant and glowing. One of the biggest beauty trends at the moment are beauty treatments that you can eat and drink! Intrigued? Check out our pick of the top 6 beauty foods and drinks available right now that will not only benefit your skin but also your tastebuds!

1.     Bioactive Beauty & Go Drinks

Beauty & Go comes in 4 different flavours each with different benefits, Radiance, Detox, Vitality and Anti-Ageing. The drinks’ special ingredient is MacroAntioxidants which come from the skin of fruit but they contain other bioactive ingredients all aimed at keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.
Beauty & Go is gluten free, has no added sugars and is only 35calories ever 100ml.

Available in Selfridges and Tesco.

2.     Skinade

Unlike other drinks and supplements Skinade promises to boost your skin’s own collagen without adding any extra. The award winning, anti-ageing collagen drink which has a peach mangosteen flavour promises to leave your skin looking more plump and hydrated in as little as 30 days as well as customer’s reporting healthier hair and nails in the process. It’s a win-win!

Available here.

3.     The Protein Drinks Co Collagen+ Beauty Milk

The high protein collagen milkshake containing hydrolysed collagen claims to improve skin elasticity and hydration. The protein enriched drink not only helps with your skin but also targets healthier hair, nails and bones to make sure it will truly nourish you from the inside out. The added benefit of this drink is the green tea extract helping to boost your metabolism.

Available here.

4.     Beautyin Beauty Candy

Sweets that make you beautiful?! It’s like a dream! Beauty Candy comes in 4 flavours including strawberry and orange as well as being rich in proteins, vitamins, collagen and folic acid all of which is important for your skin. The candy claims to slow down the ageing process, improve your skin’s complexion and boost your health.

Available in Harvey Nichols or online here

5.     Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate

If like us you use the fact that dark chocolate is good for you as an excuse to eat it then you are going to love Esthechoc beauty chocolate! Esthechoc’s creators say that one chocolate per day for three weeks will protect your skin from aging and contributes to healthy, luminous and smooth skin. Usually chocolate means high caloreis but Esthechoc contains only 38 calories per portion meaning it is a true guilt-free snack with beauty benefits J

Available here

1.     Fountain – The Beauty Molecule

Rather than an entire beauty drink, only one teaspoon is to be taken daily mixed with your favourite juice or drink. The beauty supplement says it promotes health, youth and longevity thanks to its cult ingredient water soluble Resveratrol, the beauty molecule found in Japanese knotweed and the skin of red grapes. Users have found their skin to be more hydrated and wrinkle free.
Fountain also have other lines in their range targeting hair, energy and memory.

Available here.

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